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NicholsMD Cosmetic Services for Men

You’re a modern male; the type of guy who’s not afraid to admit that appearance is important.  You understand that personal power and influence are amplified when you look and feel your best – and there is no mistaking that you’re here to play big and WIN!  But lately you look older; more tired and less virile than you really are.  Embarrassing body hair, fine lines and wrinkles, a diminishing jawline and a few extra pounds are threatening to shake your confidence and undermine your success.

As a natural born problem solver, you know the solution to looking refined, well-rested and rejuvenated already exists.  You’re open to exploring cosmetic procedures.  What you don’t want is to end up looking too feminine,  or have friends or colleagues suspect you’ve had “work” done.

In addition to continuing with your active and healthy lifestyle, what you need most right now is to fully understand the effective non-surgical cosmetic options that are available today specifically for men – from BRO-Tox to Laser Hair Removal to Eliminating Fat with CoolSculpting technology- so that you can successfully gain the edge you’re looking for at work and at play.


Freeze away unwanted fat, like embarrassing double chins, stomach pouches, flanks, and man-boobs, with no downtime.

Have your body be vacation-ready all year long!

Botox …better known as ‘Bro-Tox’

Nearly 7 million Botox procedures were done in 2015.

Are you the next male? Not sure if it’s right for you or what to expect? Watch this 1-Minute Clip of Dr. Nichols performing “Brotox”.


Laser Hair Removal

Say goodbye to shaving your back and chest. If you have unwanted hair, we’ll laser it off.

Save time and energy from regular shaving. Bumps no more! 


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*Individual results will vary.

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