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You’re Invited to A Peer Breakfast Discussion

A peer breakfast discussion on concierge patient care + an elevated experience for men, women & children.

Targeting Tech Neck

Today’s tech-obsessed population is always looking down at devices, creating lines and wrinkles in the neck. Kim Nichols, MD describes the problem of Tech Neck and the regimen she uses to treat it.

Greenwich International Film Festival at Kim NicholsMD

Image Gallery from Greenwich International Film Festival at Kim NicholsMD night

All the Groundbreaking Ways Doctors Are Using Popular Cosmetic Treatments

While they may not be brand-new, the creative ways doctors are using these tried-and-true aesthetic solutions continues to grow.

Happy Mother’s Day! 7 Doctor Moms Who Are Both Powerhouses In the Home and at the Office

Navigating a successful professional career is always challenging — regardless of your background or personal life. But when you’re also a mother, finding that delicate balance between work and parenthood can be a staggering feat.

May Product of the Month

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. To celebrate healthy skin, we’re honoring 10% off all SkinCeuticals sunscreens in May 2019

14 Ways to Prevent Skin Cancer (Besides Sunscreen)

Of course, you need sunscreen: But skin cancer prevention requires so much more. Here’s expert advice on keeping your skin safe.

April Specials!

SkinCeuticals Discoloration Defense: High-Potency Treatment for Key Types of Discoloration

March Blog

A Personal Note From Dr. Nichols Spring is officially here! And for me, that means it’s high season to help … Continued