For Men

When you look and feel your best, your personal power and confidence are amplified.

You’re a modern male; the type of guy who’s not afraid to admit that appearance is important. You understand that personal power and influence are amplified when you look and feel your best – and there is no mistaking that you’re here to play big and WIN! But lately you look older; more tired and less virile than you really are. Embarrassing body hair, fine lines and wrinkles, a diminishing jawline and a few extra pounds are threatening to shake your confidence and undermine your success. As a natural born problem solver, you know the solution to looking refined, well-rested and rejuvenated already exists. You’re open to exploring cosmetic procedures. What you don’t want is to end up looking too feminine, or have friends or colleagues suspect you’ve had “work” done. In addition to continuing with your active and healthy lifestyle, what you need most right now is to fully understand the effective non-surgical cosmetic options that are available today specifically for men – from BRO-Tox to Laser Hair Removal to Eliminating Fat with CoolSculpting technology- so that you can successfully gain the edge you’re looking for at work and at play.

PRP Injections for Hair Growth

PRP injections can harness the power of your body’s powerful natural growth factors. This is our non-surgical solution to fuller, thicker hair!


40+ year-old Client with a motivation of natural, hair regrowth


3 treatments of PRP Hair Injections


Kybella is an injectable treatment that helps the body to dissolve fat in the treated area. For men, the most popular treated area is the double-chin area.


40+ year old male before he had 2 treatment of Kybella under his chin to reduce the appearance of a “double-chin”


The same man after 2 treatment of Kybella under his chin.

Wrinkle Reducer (Botox/Dysport/Xeomin)

Nearly 7 million Botox procedures were done last year. With our conservative approach, you’ll look well rested without looking like you had work done.


Before Botox.


Two weeks after Botox.

Laser Hair Removal

Remove unwanted hair with our state-of-the-art laser device so you spend less time shaving and experiencing razer burn. If you want a hair-free back or chest, this is your solution.

Gentlemen’s Facial

This 60-minute custom facial for the modern man has a focus on deep cleansing and hydration to have you looking rested.

Full Body Skin Exam

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer is the United States. We recommend at least one full body skin screening each year with Dr. Nichols to keep your skin healthy and cancer-free.


CoolSculpting is our #1 noninvasive fat reduction procedure. Coolsculpting works by using controlled cooling to safely target and remove diet- and exercise-resistant fat.


Patient had unwanted fat in the upper chest and lower flank area.


A total of 8-12 cycles of CoolSculpting to achieve these results. Full results within 90 days of second treatment

Redness Minimizer Laser

Facial redness is a top complaint of our male clients. This 20-minute laser calms facial redness and tightens pores without any downtime.


Patient sought treatment for facial redness.


The Redness Minimizer Treatment 2.0
(Alternating 3 Global Revitalization Laser Treatments & Fraxel DUAL)


Dermal fillers fill and smooth facial wrinkles and folds. Fillers can also be used for volume replacement, so you look your best for your age.


Patient wished to reduce “smile lines.”


After 3 Syringes of Vollure to Treat Smile Lines.


This is the world’s only procedure that simultaneously builds muscle and breaks down fat. Emsculpt delivers results in the treatment area by metabolizing fat and building muscle.

No-Sweat Injectable Treatment

Excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, can be a debilitating condition that interferes with daily living. From sweaty palms to clothes that are soaked through at the underarms, those suffering from hyperhidrosis can find tremendous relief with our 25-Minute No-Sweat Injectable Treatment.

Wellness Recommended


Nutrafol Core for Men. The ingredients in Nutrafol promote healthier hair and improve general wellness.

Phloretin Corrective Gel

A hydrating, soothing gel serum with botanical
ingredients ideal to calm and hydrate skin while
improving visual redness.

B12 Injections

B12 plays a vital role in brain function and the
production of DNA and red blood cells. It can
help with energy levels, brain function and
weight loss.

Vitamin IV Treatments

A mixture of essential vitamins and minerals is administered intravenously to help hydrate you
after a work trip, pesky illness, or long weekend.