From our Signature Facial to our Oxygen Facial, rejuvenate your skin with NicholsMD.

The *J-Glow* Experience

Designed uniquely by our Medical Aesthetician, Jessica, this facial combines all of her favorite most results driven Aesthetic treatments into one power-house facial. Using state of the art anti-aging technologies this treatment includes a mechanical exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, microcurrent to exercise, lift and sculpt the facial muscles, and finishes with an oxygen infusion under LED light to hydrate and boost collagen. Jessica highly recommends this treatment for clients looking to get gala or event ready, and can even be done the same day of the event!

Gentleman’s Facial

This customized facial for men focuses on deep cleansing, extractions, exfoliation, and hydration.

Oxygen Facial

Oxygen under light pressure aids delivery of age-defying ingredients into the skin while giving off a cooling and calming effect. This powerful combination will leave your skin looking younger, brighter, and more luminous.

Seaweed Firming Facial

A fusion of 100% natural active ingredients help slow the effects of aging. This facial uses natural Seaweed and Wakame Kelp extracts that rejuvenate the skin at a cellular level stimulating the collagen and elastic synthesis of the skin. You will leave with your skin feeling hydrated, strengthened and rejuvenated after this full on massage facial.

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Perfect Age Defense Facial

Our best anti-aging products will be used to help stimulate collagen along with an exfoliating diamond tip microdermabrasion treatment. A relaxing and invigorating facial massage and LED light therapy help make this facial a comprehensive anti-aging experience.

NicholsMD Signature Facial

Most Popular! – This signature facial is the ultimate Trifecta. By the end of the 75-minute treatment, your skin will be exfoliated and glowing from a light acid peel, hydrated from our oxygen facial, and calmed by a soothing LED Light Therapy treatment.

Purifying Facial

This facial includes diamond tip microdermabrasion for exfoliation, a deep cleanse, extractions, high frequency currents, and a detoxifying masque to help draw out impurities. As a finishing touch, LED light therapy is used to help reduce inflammation and kill acne causing bacteria.

Teen Facial

Hormonal changes in the teen years can cause the skin to break out like never before. Let us address your teen’s concerns with a customized gentle facial that will speed up improvement of their acne. Extractions and LED light are included to help clean and reduce inflammation.

The Boutique Uplift Facial

Experience ultimate relaxation with this luxe facial. With a focus on gua sha techniques and uplifting face, neck, and décolleté massage, this facial helps to de-puff, lift, and sculpt the face, as well as aid in lymphatic drainage.

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The asymmetric face. So many of my clients ask me to make them “symmetric.” Am I symmetric? No, I am not. Take a close look. Studies with models have been done where they take photos of their faces and then superimpose one side of their face on the other, making photos of completely symmetric faces. Then they have asked study participants whether the models’ now-symmetric faces are beautiful. And the far majority of participants have answered no, saying that their faces looked weird, inhuman and alien. So know that complete symmetry is not the goal. Beauty lies in the imperfection. #NaturalAtNichols

Natural lip goals by NicholsMD 💉

Our #LiquidLipLift is a patient favorite because of it’s versatility. Dr. Nichols and our team of experts can work with your goals and concerns to help:

💋 Define lip shape

💋 Minimize the appearance of lip lines

💋 Hydrate lips and enhance lip color

💋 Add a natural-looking plumpness overall

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Undereyes: Filler VS. The Greenwich Secret✨

Often times, people assume they need undereye filler. However, depending on your concern, you may actually be in need of #TheGreenwichSecret. How can you tell?

Dark circles and hollows? Filler may be your answer 💉 Whereas puffiness and redness are best combatted using our radio frequency and microneedling combination treatment, AKA The Greenwich Secret ⚡️

Want to know which is best for you? Call or email us today to book your consultation with Dr. Nichols and get #NaturalAtNichols today.

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Happy #PAweek to these two hardworking, talented, and beautiful women inside and out @vkodra and @kaitlynrahtellipac 🥼❤️

We could not imagine our dream team without you both! Thank you for providing our patients with #NaturalAtNichols results and working with Dr. Nichols to execute the true NicholsMD vision.