Benign Moles
& Skin Lesions

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Moles Are Common


30-year-old African American woman who struggled with icepick and keloid acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and texture issues.  Patient is getting married within the year and wants smoother, more even-looking skin!


Same woman 6 months later after a series of 6 Fraxel Dual Laser treatments for her acne scars and uneven skin tone; cortisone injections for keloid scars; and medical-grade skincare recommended by Dr. Nichols. She could not be happier with her wedding-day ready beautiful skin!

Most people have between 10 and 40 moles on their body ,and most times benign (non-cancerous). Moles, raised or flat, are areas of pigmented skin that are black or brown. Most moles are harmless and do not require treatment, but a person may want to remove a mole for personal or cosmetic reasons. When moles are surgically removed, they normally do not return.

Other Lesions

Besides moles, there are a number of common benign skin lesions that many clients may want evaluated. These include epidermal cysts, flesh-colored bumps around the eyes (known as sebaceous hyperplasia or syringomas), shiny red bumps on the face and body (known as cherry angiomas), and firm brown bumps on the legs and arms (known as dermatofibromas). These may be removed for cosmetic reasons.

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A typical course of action may consist of a combination of different therapies, including:


Dr. Kim Nichols will evaluate your skin to determine the best course of action.


Some patients prefer to have their moles removed for cosmetic reasons.

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50-year-old woman before Fraxel Dual Laser treatments. Client was most concerned about deep lines around her mouth, eyes and etched-in wrinkles on her forehead as well as brown spots and sun damage on her cheeks and nose.


Same 50-year-old woman after a series of 3 Fraxel Dual treatments, 4 weeks apart.  The texture and tone of her skin has greatly improved with tightened facial skin and smaller pores.  Notice the deep lines are now smooth and sun spots and previous sun damage have diminished.