Facial Veins
and Broken Capillaries

Behind the Cause


Patient sought treatment for facial redness and brown sun spots.


After 3 Global Revitalization Laser treatments.

Facial veins or broken capillaries can be the result of various conditions ranging from genetics, sun exposure, pregnancy, hormonal changes, hormonal medications, and very often, as a result of rosacea- a common inflammatory facial skin condition.

Most commonly you can find these facial veins/broken capillaries on the malar area of the nose, as well as on the cheeks.

Laser Focused Treatment

The safest and most effective way to eliminate these are with laser treatments that specifically target the area. The laser emits a prescribed dose of energy directly to the problematic areas.

To fully see your most optimal results, it is recommended by our Board-certified Physicians that you complete treatment in a series ranging from only 1-3 treatments spaced about 3-4 weeks apart.

If your facial veins and broken capillaries are a problem, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kim Nichols today!

Skilled treatments. Real results.


Patient sought treatment for facial redness, rough lines and texture, and brown spots.


The patient looks years younger after a series of 3 Fraxel Laser treatments alternating with 3 Redness Minimizer Vascular Laser treatments.