Skin Care

NicholsMD of Greenwich provides customized skin care treatments to meet your specific needs.

Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin

When should I start using sunscreen? What is the best cleanser for me? What should I use if I have sensitive skin? These are just a few of the myriad questions that people ask about how to best take care of their skin. And with the hundreds (or more like, thousands) of skin care products and systems out there, it’s no wonder that people are overwhelmed and confused about skin care. And when you add skin care problems such as acne and rosacea to the mix, the picture gets even more complicated. And that’s where your board-certified dermatologist comes in!

Our skin is the organ that envelopes us, the part of us that touches the world daily and is visible to others. It protects us, keeps us hydrated, and can tell the details about our health, habits, and age. And how comfortable we feel in it can depend largely on how well we care for it.

Consult with NIcholsMD, Skincare Experts

No matter what type of skin we have, we always want it to glow and reflect a high standard of self-regard.

The endless stream of products, treatments, and latest procedures can often confuse, rather than clarify. Instead of giving us answers, we may be left with more questions, wondering what skin care options are the best.

Understanding our own skin is the first step to realizing its potential to help us look and feel great. And, even luckier for us, a dermatologist, qualified skin specialist, can offer expert insight and help us navigate the complexity of skin care needs—especially when problems arise.


We’re Here to Listen and Expertly Evaluate

When you visit Dr. Kim Nichols, a Connecticut board-certified cosmetic dermatologist, she will examine your skin and discuss your personal aesthetic goals.

Perhaps you have a chronic skin condition, such as rosacea or acne that needs consistent management. Or maybe you would like to improve those fine lines and other visible signs of aging, or a have skin discoloration or hyperpigmentation that you would like to erase. You may have multiple conditions that you are keen to tackle, but do not know where to start.

Whatever the issue, Dr. Nichols can unpack your skin problem and determine an appropriate treatment.

The NicholsMD Boutique Experience

At NicholsMD of Greenwich in CT, preventative care and maintenance are just as important as treating an existing condition. Dr. Nichols will work with you to establish a skin care routine that can keep your complexion clear and rejuvenated.

She understands that skin type, age, and lifestyle all affect the appearance of the skin—and that not all treatments are effective for all individuals. Your skin care plan will be tailored to your specific skin—and life—profile. If you have extra sensitive skin, she can recommend non-irritating cleansers, moisturizers, and other products.

If you are always on the go, she can create a maintenance plan that is realistic to follow and gives results. Her objective is to help you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Whether you have a particular medical or cosmetic issue or are just interested in developing lifelong healthy skin habits, schedule a consultation Dr. Kim Nichols at NicholsMD of Greenwich in order to start a skin program that best suits your particular needs.

A typical course of action may consist of a combination of different therapies, including:

Chemical Peels

to treat hyperpigmentation, active acne and acne scars

Laser Treatments

 to brighten the skin, tighten the pores, and give the skin a radiant finish

Non-surgical Treatments

 to fill and smooth facial wrinkles and furrows

Skilled treatments. Real results.


50-year-old woman before Fraxel Dual Laser treatments. Client was most concerned about deep lines around her mouth, eyes and etched-in wrinkles on her forehead as well as brown spots and sun damage on her cheeks and nose.


Same 50-year-old woman after a series of 3 Fraxel Dual treatments, 4 weeks apart.  The texture and tone of her skin has greatly improved with tightened facial skin and smaller pores.  Notice the deep lines are now smooth and sun spots and previous sun damage have diminished.