Boutique Care
for Beautiful Skin

Meet Dr. Kim Nichols


Boutique Care for Beautiful Skin

Meet Dr. Kim Nichols

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March Product of the Month!

March’s Product of the Month is Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight! Nightly corrective cream delivers a true 10% glycolic acid to skin for a quantifiable glow.

Kim Nichols, MD – Moms Get A Beautiful Makeover

“While motherhood is good for our soul, it can sometimes be hard on our bodies,” says Dr. Kim Nichols. And she should know. Not only is Dr. Nichols a board-certified dermatologist with a thriving practice – NicholsMD of Greenwich—she’s also a wife and mother raising three active kids.

Custom D.O.S.E.: Personalized Corrective Skin Care

SkinCeuticals has been at the forefront of skin care innovation, driving research and development in skin care ingredients and topical formulations. While our passion for skin care is one driver in our success, collaboration with aesthetic physicians has been an integral part of our advancement and a bedrock of our success.