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Women In Dermatology with Kim Nichols, MD, FAAD

The first doctor in her family, Dr. Nichols comes from a family of professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit she also embraces.

7 Traits of Experienced Injectors

“I love the fact that you’re using your medical knowledge, but also helping people achieve desired outcomes,” she says. Dr. Nichols…

Start 2021 Glowing with…

Start 2021 Glowing with….                     Treatment Of The Month     … Continued

$75! Far Infrared Session + B12 Injection *This Week Only

! Far Infrared Session + B12 Injection *This Week Only                     … Continued

An Announcement From Dr. Nichols

An Announcement From Dr. Nichols             Dear NicholsMD Patients and Families,   It is a … Continued

Dr. Nichols Predicts the Top 5 Cosmetic Trends of 2021

From signature combination treatments to healing your skin from within.

Mentorship Matters: Set the Pace for Long-term Success

Mentoring is on free strategy to building a better team. Here’s how a small but busy practice builds and develops its team and community through mentoring.

The Greenwich Secret…

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