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#BlackMamasRock: Meet Dr. Kim Nichols

I am an only child born in the best city in the world, New York City, which is still my favorite city in the world. We moved to the suburbs in Westchester when I was about 10, and that is where I spent my middle school and high school years.

4 Docs Divulge the Medical Aesthetics Treatments They Get

Everyone is different, and therefore, each individual’s morning and evening skincare routines should be unique, depending on skin type, complexion, and a variety of other factors (like the climate in which they live). Dermatologists and plastic surgeons are no different.

Get Serious About the Sun

Dr. Nichols, a dermatologist in Greenwich, Connecticut,
and spokesperson for The Skin Cancer Foundation,
has a routine to keep herself and her three kids sun safe.

June Product of the Month

June’s Product of the month is Retexturing Activator. This oil-free serum simultaneously exfoliates skin and replenishes moisture.

Why You Shouldn’t Wear Makeup To A Protest, According To Experts

On May 25, George Floyd was killed in police custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and since then, protests have broken out across the country demanding an end to systematic racism and police brutality.

June 2020 Blog

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SkinLab May Newsletter 2020

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What does UPF50+ actually mean?

Protecting your skin from the sun is important year-round, but with May being Skin Cancer Awareness Month, we want to take this opportunity to tell you why. We’ve brought in our friend and board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Kim Nichols, to answer some important questions.

SkinLab April 2020 Newsletter

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