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All the Groundbreaking Ways Doctors Are Using Popular Cosmetic Treatments

While they may not be brand-new, the creative ways doctors are using these tried-and-true aesthetic solutions continues to grow.

Happy Mother’s Day! 7 Doctor Moms Who Are Both Powerhouses In the Home and at the Office

Navigating a successful professional career is always challenging — regardless of your background or personal life. But when you’re also a mother, finding that delicate balance between work and parenthood can be a staggering feat.

14 Ways to Prevent Skin Cancer (Besides Sunscreen)

Of course, you need sunscreen: But skin cancer prevention requires so much more. Here’s expert advice on keeping your skin safe.

Kim Nichols, MD – Moms Get A Beautiful Makeover

“While motherhood is good for our soul, it can sometimes be hard on our bodies,” says Dr. Kim Nichols. And she should know. Not only is Dr. Nichols a board-certified dermatologist with a thriving practice – NicholsMD of Greenwich—she’s also a wife and mother raising three active kids.

Custom D.O.S.E.: Personalized Corrective Skin Care

SkinCeuticals has been at the forefront of skin care innovation, driving research and development in skin care ingredients and topical formulations. While our passion for skin care is one driver in our success, collaboration with aesthetic physicians has been an integral part of our advancement and a bedrock of our success.

A Dermatologist’s Road Map to Brighter, Happier Skin by February 1

Kim Nichols, MD, is a Greenwich, CT-based dermatologist our beauty editors have on speed dial. When she’s not versing us in ingredients, she’s schooling us on the right way to use them, which is why we called her to help us start the New Year off right. This four-week program is designed to reset, recharge, and revitalize your complexion, so that it’s strong and ready to face whatever 2019 has in store.

Derms Reveal the Best Post-Summer Treatments for Reducing Sun Damage

Derms Reveal the Best Post-Summer Treatments for Reducing Sun Damage Liz Ritter , Executive Editor | November 08, 2018 In most of … Continued

Event Marketing: Strategies to Spotlight Your Practice and Cosmetic Services

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