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8 Doctors Reveal the Best Retinols to Buy
February 7, 2017
Getting Ready with Dr. Kim Nichols
February 22, 2017
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February 2017 Blog

 A Personal Note from Dr. Nichols
Happy Snowy February, !

My team and I just returned from our NicholsMD Winter Retreat where we brainstormed innovative new ways of delivering services to help you continue to look and feel your best!  We’re upgrading your facial experience by including a rejuvenating, anti-aging facial massage at every appointment with our Manhattan-trained aesthetician, Jessica. My first facial with Jessica left me feeling unbelievably calm and relaxed, and my skin was glowing for the entire weekend. I know you’ll love her and the results she gets you!

My gorgeous NicholsMD staff and I at our 2017 Winter Retreat!

The social calendar has been a busy one too! I have enjoyed seeing you outside of the Boutique over the past few weeks at the “Saks Fifth Avenue The Collective” event, and at the “YWCA Brava Awards”.

Emily, my Office Manager, and I loved seeing some of you at the Grand Opening of Saks: The Collection! As a YWCA Board Member, I look forward to the Brava Awards Luncheon every year!


Speaking of which, I am looking forward to our upcoming celebratory event on Wednesday, March 1st.. NicholsMD is celebrating being named one of only 20 cosmetic medical practices in the nation as a SkinCeuticals Advanced Clinical Spa – and I would love to have you join us for cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, lively music, and exclusive one-night only pricing of up to half-off  our most popular treatments. Invite a friend and RSVP HERE:


P.S We’ll have special GOODIE BAGS (valued at $300) for our first 200 guests, so arrive early! And, parking will be taken care of by our valet service.

I look forward to seeing you then, and hope to see you in the office soon so you feel beautiful, confident, and ready to live your best life today and everyday.


Dr. Nichols


Procedure Spotlight: Kybella
Kybella (deoxycholic acid) is a revolutionary, non-invasive injectable treatment method for the removal of submental fullness, commonly known as the “double chin”. And, it’s NicholsMD’s second most popular procedure for men in our office, with PRP injections for hair loss being the #1 most popular treatment for men.

Kybella is clinically-proven to target and eliminate fat deposits in the neck involving a series of multiple injections under the chin. The injections contain a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid, a naturally-occurring substance found within the body that facilitates the breakdown and absorption of fat cells in your stomach. Kybella targets and eliminates fat cells permanently, meaning the results last, without maintenance, so say goodbye to your double-chin!

An initial consultation prior to each session will help determine the specifics of your treatment, but the treatment is fast and easy: a few series of 15 to 20 minute sessions for the injections! Kybella is administered by our Allergan-trained, board-certified providers, Dr. Kim Nichols and Katie French, M.S, PA-C.

One our NicholsMD’s male clients states, “I was very numb, only felt about a quarter of the pinch of the injections.”  His wife and friends have already noticed a more defined jawline and many have asked if he’s lost weight!  He is currently on his third treatment and already sees a slimmer, more youthful facial appearance despite only having Kybella for his under-chin!


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At NicholsMD, we also understand that our male clients have unique needs and motivations. That’s why we offer convenient hours, like evenings and Saturdays, for working men to visit NicholsMD. We also offer a male-inspired exam room, so you feel completely at ease throughout your appointment.

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Kybella® targets and eliminates fat cells permanently, for both men and women, meaning the results last, and there’s no maintenance needed.

Say goodbye to your double-chin!

 Specials and Media

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Skin Health Tips You Must Know When Working Out

Working out without wreaking havoc on your face isn’t easy, especially if you’re trying to fit exercise into your workday. But with planning and preparation it can be done! Here are a few beauty tips that as a gym go-er, you must know.

Clean Skin. Let’s get this clear right now: Skin needs to breathe during a workout — and sweat mixed with beauty products doesn’t let that happen. For best results, you really should wash your face both before and after your workout. The post-workout wash will remove residual bacteria or products (such as hair gel that’s migrated from your bangs) from your face before they can cause breakouts.

Face wipes are your friend! Nowhere to wash after your workout? Face wipes with glycolic or salicylic acid can help in a pinch. So stash a pack in your pocket or gym bag.

Cleanse Post-Workout. Sweat and bacteria can wreak havoc on other areas of your skin as well, so showering off after a tough workout is ideal, especially if you’re prone to back or chest acne, so always carry your favorite cleanser in your workout bag!

Don’t Mistake Convenience For Quality. You’ve seen them in every gym locker-room shower and on every vanity counter — bottles of generic soap, shampoo and body lotion. And while they might work in a pinch, they’re often not the quality, customized products you should be using daily. So, always buy or create your own travel sizes of the same products you use at home to avoid any allergic reactions and maintain consistency in your routine for a clear, smooth complexion!

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Drinking water helps your skin stay young looking. Water is good for your skin, as your skin is your body’s largest organ and dehydrated skin appears dry, scaly, dull, less plump causing you to appear more tired. I commonly recommend eight, 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters, or half a gallon for a fresher, more hydrated you.

P.S Need a pick-me-up in energy? NicholsMD offers B12 and B-Complex vitamin injections, great for muscle recovery and to boost metabolism to keep you looking and feeling good even after the gym!

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Meet the Doctor
Getting To Know Dr. Nichols

Dr. Kim Nichols is the Founding Director of NicholsMD of Greenwich. A board certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Nichols is renowned for her expertise in the fields of cosmetic and medical/surgical dermatology. She has been featured as an expert speaker by numerous pharmaceutical, dermatological, skin care companies and organizations, such as The Dr. Oz Show, New Beauty Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine, and News Channel12. Dr. Nichols is also a Medical Council Physician Member of the Skin Care Foundation.

Dr. Nichols graduated Cum Laude from Harvard University and attended NYU Medical School. She completed her internship in Internal Medicine at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Medical Center and completed her dermatology residency at KDMC/Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. 

Beyond her leadership in the medical field, Dr. Nichols is a Board Member of the Greenwich, CT YWCA, and Greater New York City American Red Cross. Dr. Nichols lives in the area with her husband and three small children.

 50 Old Field Point Road Third Floor

Greenwich, CT, 06830

203-862-4000 | [email protected]


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