Did you know that acne is the most common reason why people seek a dermatologist’s expertise?

You are not alone.


18-year-old man with history of severe acne and acne scarring before a series of Fraxel laser treatments for acne scarring, minimization of pore size, and hyperpigmentation from previous inflamed acne.


Same 18-year-old man 2 months later after 2 treatments of Fraxel laser treatments.  Notice the redness and dark spots are reduced, pitting from deep acne scarring is softened and pore size is minimized.

It affects 80% of people at some point in their life. Acne is familiar to most of us, affecting a large percentage of people at some point. Breakouts can be frustrating, especially if they replay regularly and are difficult to control.

So what can you do to get acne under control?

The first step is to visit experienced and board-certified dermatologist Dr. Kim Nichols, a cosmetic dermatologist practicing in Greenwich, CT, who enlists a variety of treatments to address acne.

Depending on how responsive your skin is, Dr. Nichols may attack the problem from several angles at once.


A typical course of action may consist of a combinationof different therapies, including:

Topical and oral medications

to clear up active acne

Chemical peels

for active acne and mild scars

Laser treatments

to improve skin tone and texture and smooth out scars

Skilled treatments. Real results.


24 year old male before ExcelV laser treatments.


24 year old male 8 months later after 6 treatments with the ExcelV Laser.