Vitamin Injections

Re-energize with B12 and B-complex shots at NIcholsMD.

Vitamin B12 Shots

The “energy vitamin” is a natural way to increase energy, enhance exercise stamina and increase weight loss.

B-complex Shots

Great for muscle recovery, mental alertness and to increase skin cell turnover for fresher, brighter skin.

Double up and save!

Individually, each shot is $55. Or receive both for $95. Get the boost you need! Schedule a appointment at NicholsMD of Greenwich today.

Skilled treatments. Real results.


26-year-old woman before Botox. She was most concerned with the “11’s” and forehead wrinkles.


Same woman 10 days post-Botox treatment. Notice how the brow and forehead are more relaxed and the fine lines and wrinkles vanish.