The asymmetric face. So many of my clients ask me to make them “symmetric.” Am I symmetric? No, I am not. Take a close look. Studies with models have been done where they take photos of their faces and then superimpose one side of their face on the other, making photos of completely symmetric faces. Then they have asked study participants whether the models’ now-symmetric faces are beautiful. And the far majority of participants have answered no, saying that their faces looked weird, inhuman and alien. So know that complete symmetry is not the goal. Beauty lies in the imperfection. #NaturalAtNichols ...

Natural lip goals by NicholsMD 💉

Our #LiquidLipLift is a patient favorite because of it’s versatility. Dr. Nichols and our team of experts can work with your goals and concerns to help:

💋 Define lip shape

💋 Minimize the appearance of lip lines

💋 Hydrate lips and enhance lip color

💋 Add a natural-looking plumpness overall

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Undereyes: Filler VS. The Greenwich Secret✨

Often times, people assume they need undereye filler. However, depending on your concern, you may actually be in need of #TheGreenwichSecret. How can you tell?

Dark circles and hollows? Filler may be your answer 💉 Whereas puffiness and redness are best combatted using our radio frequency and microneedling combination treatment, AKA The Greenwich Secret ⚡️

Want to know which is best for you? Call or email us today to book your consultation with Dr. Nichols and get #NaturalAtNichols today.

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Dr. Nichols went live with her 4th Hustle & Glow™️ episode this past Wednesday! Did you miss it? Stay tuned for when the webinar goes up on our website, and be sure to register for our fifth episode on October 27th at 6pm!

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Happy #PAweek to these two hardworking, talented, and beautiful women inside and out @vkodra and @kaitlynrahtellipac 🥼❤️

We could not imagine our dream team without you both! Thank you for providing our patients with #NaturalAtNichols results and working with Dr. Nichols to execute the true NicholsMD vision.

Don’t neglect your neck 😏 So often, our neck and chest are forgotten about in our skincare routines, making them the first places to show our age.

Dr. Nichols loves our Complete Neck Firming System to keep this delicate area tight, youthful, and wrinkle-free! It includes:

✨NicholsMD Neck Firming Cream for a morning lift

✨SkinCeuticals Tripeptide-R Neck Repair for overnight rejuvenation

Purchase yours this month, and a portion of the proceeds will go to @breastcanceralliance 💕

At-home skincare has never been more effortless✨ Our At-Home LED Light Therapy Mask has three settings to help you get healthy, glowing skin without leaving the house:

❤️ Red Light for Anti-Aging

💙 Blue Light for Anti-Acne

🧡 Orange Light for Anti-Inflammation

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October is here and so is tighter skin 🙌

Save 20% on Dr. Nichols’ favorite treatment for keeping her skin firm and youthful - #Ultherapy. Why does Dr. Nichols love Ultherapy so much?

✨Completely non-invasive and little to no downtime for on-the-go lifestyles.

✨Provides the ultimate collagen boost to lift and tighten sagging skin on the face, neck, and décolleté.

✨Long-lasting results, she recommends coming in once a year for this treatment!

Call or email us to learn more about how to save, or book your treatment today to get #NaturalAtNichols.

Your weekend glowup, made effortless✨ Our Laser Genesis treatment is perfect for:

▪️pore minimizing and killing acne causing bacteria for a clearer complexion

▪️boosting collagen production for a more youthful glow

▪️helping minimize mild redness for brighter skin overall

Call or email us to book your laser treatment with us today! #NaturalAtNichols

Representing for our girl, @adelinapaqarizi_ ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ...

My Queen, Adelina, got married to a prince today! LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED! ...

There are no words to be at the wedding of one of my queens. This is WHAT’S UP! 😘😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️ ...

@gyflbancraiders proud football mom! ...

We love this face transformation using our most popular injectable, #Botox 💉

By injecting your favorite neuromodulator into the masseter muscle, Dr. Nichols and our expert cosmetic injectors can help slim the face for a naturally sculpted look.

Think this treatment may be right for you? Call or email us to book your appointment today or add this quick, no-downtime contour to an existing appointment! #NaturalAtNichols