Extend and enhance your glow with these our pregnancy-safe treatment options.


This is such an exciting time! We know that skincare and self-care are still just as important to you as they were pre-pregnancy, and it can be difficult and frustrating to find pregnancy-safe treatments and skincare. Dr. Nichols, being a mother of three herself, has curated a list of pregnancy-safe treatments to keep your skin glowing, clear, and healthy leading up to welcoming your new bundle of joy. 


Before a big event? Treat yourself to a gold  microinfusion, that includes a customized cocktail of ingredients that we gently stamp into the top layer of your skin. This 24-karat gold microinfusion helps to shrink pores, brighten the skin, and create a dewy complexion & glow.

Cyst Injection

Have a pimple brewing? Improve its appearance and cut down recovery time with a quick in-office injection.


Looking for baby-soft skin? We use a medical-grade exfoliating tool to gently remove the top layer of skin cells and facial peach fuzz.

LED Light Therapy

Trying to stop wrinkles in their tracks? LED light therapy uses red, blue and amber LED light to improve many signs of aging, including pigmentation, inflammation and fine lines.

Mom-To-Be Facial

Need a break for some selfcare? This facial includes gentle exfoliation, a deep cleanse with comedone extractions, high frequency microcurrent to kill bacteria, calming face, neck and décolleté massage, and 10-minutes of LED light therapy to reduce inflammation and blemishes for brighter, more hydrated skin.

Don’t forget to book your Botox appointment post-pregnancy and nursing!

Must-Have Products To Keep Your Skin Glowing

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Level up your lift with #Ultherapy ⬆️ Why is Ultherapy our # 1 skin tightening treatment?

✔️It is completely non-invasive, with little to no downtime for on-the-go lifestyles.

✔️Provides the ultimate collagen boost to lift and tighten skin.

✔️Long-lasting results – Dr. Nichols recommends coming in once a year for this treatment!

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2022 Skin Cancer Foundation’s Champions for Change Gala✨

A night to remember for such an important cause. The proceeds from this gala will help to fund educational campaigns, free screenings, and research grants to save lives and prevent skin cancer. #ChampionsForChange

#FacialSlimming… bet you didn’t know your Botox could do that 😏💉

With a quick 5-minute treatment, Dr. Nichols and our team of board-certified Physician Assistants can use your favorite neuromodulator to relax the masseter muscles, helping to minimize jaw tension and slim the face as a whole.

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