Kim Nichols, MD – Moms Get A Beautiful Makeover

January 15, 2019

By Michele Graham
Photos By ChiChi Ubiña

“While motherhood is good for our soul, it can sometimes be hard on our bodies,” says Dr. Kim Nichols. And she should know. Not only is Dr. Nichols a board-certified dermatologist with a thriving practice – NicholsMD of Greenwich—she’s also a wife and mother raising three active kids.

Equipped with this triple-packed punch of insight, Dr. Nichols responded with her typical élan and care to the chorus of aesthetic concerns from mothers in town. She created The Non-Surgical Greenwich Mommy Makeover.

Whether they’ve recently given birth or it’s been a few years since delivering, post-partum, women share a number of concerns: stretch marks, wrinkles, hormonal break-outs, and vaginal laxity. “It can all add up and make a woman feel insecure,” says Dr. Nichols. “I wanted a way to celebrate women, to celebrate their confidence, and make them look and feel their best, without surgery.” As every mom knows, with children there’s little time to take care of oneself, let alone recover from surgical procedures.
Dr. Nichols recognizes that personalization is key for her patients. So rather than a one-size-fits-all makeover approach, Dr. Nichols developed three package tiers. The Well Rested with its concentrated facial skincare treatments, the Haute Momma that smooths the face and tones the tummy, and Back and Better than Ever, a whole-body revitalization that includes face, tummy, stretch mark erasing, and feminine rejuvenation.

“Many women come in and know they want something, but they’re not sure what that something is,” says Dr. Nichols. “That’s why consultations are so important.” This is also the time when Dr. Nichols figures out her game plan including number of sessions and follow-up. “It’s imperative clients follow their regimen. We could see exceptional results from a laser treatment that removes decades of sun damage, but if the patient isn’t applying sunscreen regularly post-appointment, that sun damage could naturally resurface. We not only perform the non-surgical treatments, we also create the optimal regimen to extend the results.”

Nichols, who trained at Harvard and has been recognized by L’Oréal-SkinCeuticals as one of the most exclusive dermatology practices in the U.S, shares a favorite patient story. A mom of four had stopped wearing swim suits, self-conscious about excess skin and stretch marks. After a combination of CoolSculpting, Ultherapy, and EmSculpt, the patient sent Dr. Nichols an email saying she went bathing suit shopping. A few days later, she posted a picture of her with her family at the beach. “While I was very happy with the patient’s results, I was most happy to witness the confidence she regained… for all of her friends and family to see, and yet without the cost or downtime of surgical body contouring treatments,” recalls Dr. Nichols.

And since this is the Gold Coast, all three Mommy Makeover packages include “Liquid Gold”—Dr. Nichols’ use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) derived from a patient’s own blood to help stimulate new collagen. It can be injected or used as a topical concentrate with micro-needling. Dr. Nichols reports, “It has been clinically shown to help reduce acne scarring, regrow hair, and restore volume loss. My signature liquid lift includes a custom combination of injectables to restore volume loss and minimize fine lines and wrinkles of the face.”

Originally from Westchester, Dr. Nichols knew few people when she first opened NicholsMD of Greenwich five years ago. “I had practiced in New York City for seven years before coming to Greenwich. I was looking for a town with a big sense of community that was just a short distance from New York City.” From all accounts, the family quickly settled in and feels very much at home. In addition to her children, a growing practice –”Thanks to my amazing clients, my practice grew much faster that I had expected. I would never be where I am today without all of my wonderful patients.”– Dr. Nichols also serves as a board member of the Greater New York Chapter of the American Red Cross. It’s a full life that’s made all the more rewarding by seeing the transformative power a makeover can make for the most cherished people: moms.