NicholsMD bringing new skincare treatments to Fairfield

FAIRFIELD — A dermatology group coming to Fairfield says it aims to bring luxury-level skincare treatments to people in the area.

“I believe in natural-looking results. I want my patients to look like the best version of themselves — not anyone else,” Dr. Kim Nichols said in a statement. “I truly believe that when you look good, you feel good.”

Emily Anne Scalise, NicholsMD’s director of business development and operations, said the Fairfield location plans to open in May at 1215 Post Road.

Scalise said Fairfield was a great space because residents enjoy looking and feeling their best, but also because it is a university town.

“We know that aging is a form of prevention,” she said. “We say the more you do now, the less you need later, but we want that natural looking result. It allows us to preach about skin health in a place with a wide-ranging demographic. Fairfield was such a natural fit.”

The practice will offer treatments such as jawline contouring, wrinkle reducer treatment such as Botox, lip lifts and facials. It also has a treatment that originated with NicholsMD — The Greenwich Secret — which combines microneedling and radio frequency technology to revitalize the skin and diminish signs of aging on the face and body.

“It’s a no downtime skin treament, less than 30 minutes,” Scalise said. “It helps with skin texture and signs of aging. If someone is anti-injectibles it’s a phenomenal approach.”

Scalise said the cosmetic and medical dermatology practice first opened in Greenwich in 2013 under the ownership of Dr. Kim Nichols. She said the Black-owned business brings high-quality treatment to the suburbs.

“The vision of NicholsMD in Greenwich was to bring New York City luxury to the suburbs of Connecticut,” she said. “At the time, that level of innovation and natural looking results was kind of only available in the city. People would either have to commute or compromise really excellent care.”

Nichols has been featured on shows “Dr. Oz” and “Today” as well as in publications such as “Glamour” and “Women’s Health.”

In 2020, Scalise said, Nichols opened SkinLab in the Harbor Point district of Stamford. She said the business expanded at a rate that allowed them to build a staff and train it to offer excellent results.

“After many years of building up an extensive training program for all the employees, we believe our front office employees are just as trained as the back office,” she said. “Someone picking up the phone can answer questions someone else might normally answer, but our bread and butter is our team and our staff.”

Another component of NicholsMD strategy is demystifying skincare, Scalise said, which is partially driven by how open their facilities are — with the front of the business set up almost like normal retail. She said front offices are filled with before-and-afters videos on display as well as staff ready to assist.

“We wanted that visibility — sure, for marketing — but really we have a bigger purpose, which is to let everyone know this doesn’t have to be intimidating,” she said.

Going to a medical office in a medical building and having a four-week waiting period is not the NicholsMD way, Scalise said, adding the practice has a standard of seeing their patients within three days. Increasing accessibility to skin treatments, she said, does not come with sacrificed physician oversight.

“We want people to be comfortable and confident to look like themselves, not to look like somebody else,” she said. “This isn’t another place coming into town to talk about lip filler. This is a place that’s making little tweaks so (customers) can wear less makeup or shave less — just so that they can have a more confident life overall.”