I am in My Thirties

Life is busy, fun, hectic… and its starting to show in places it didn’t used to.

You’re emerging onto the professional and social scene in a much bigger way. Life is busy and you’ve hit a nice stride raising a family, building a career and in your volunteer work. You feel young, but some days – especially those following a late night out -the mirror tells a different story. You’re starting to see little lines and creases on your face and forehead that you’ve never noticed before; and you have no idea when that dark brown spot on your left cheek showed up. It’s harder to look good in your thirties. You tend to gain weight more easily now and it takes you longer to work it off, especially if you’re a mother. Even though you exercise regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle, deep down you know those things alone won’t fade the stretch marks, smooth out the wrinkles or reverse the sun damage that has put you on the path to looking older than you are. If we’re being honest, you want to look younger and be view as more attractive than your contemporaries. But you’re not ready for complicated procedures that require a lot of down time. Outside of a few close friends, you have everyone believing that you’re just well-rested or blessed with extremely good genes. What you need now is a clean slate. It’s time to tap the brakes and erase those early signs of aging and restore luminosity. That way, you can stand up and step out in your brightest and best skin. At the Boutique, you’re not alone. We have a friendly and certified staff to achieve a more beautiful you.  


This is the world’s only procedure that simultaneously builds muscle and breaks down fat. Emsculpt delivers HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromangnetic) Technology to induce supramaximal muscle contractions. These supramaximal muscle contractions force the muscles to adapt to extreme conditions. Which results in the treatment area metabolizing fat and building muscle.


This amazing procedure uses your blood’s natural healing ability to rejuvenate skin and hair follicles.


Nearly 7 million Botox procedures were done in 2015 to prevent signs of aging.
Are you interested in being one of the 7 million but not sure when to start?
Schedule a consultation with Dr. Nichols.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser off unwanted hair on your arms, legs, face, back, or bikini area.*
Save time and energy from regular shaving and achieve smooth skin effortlessly!

Vitamn IV

Vitamin cocktails to look and feel your best! Choose one from our menu or we can customize your IV therapy to meet your specific goals.


The Fraxel Dual targets aging and sun-damaged skin with microscopic laser columns that penetrate deep into your skin and cause remodeling of the skin’s collagen.*
Rid the sun spots that you use extra cover-up on! 


A mother of 4 children presented for a NicholsMD Non-Surgical Mommy Makeover. And as part of her makeover, she wanted her large, visible stretch marks on her stomach improved.


Dr. Nichols recommended alternating Fraxel Dual Laser & PRP Microneedling treatments to reduce the appearance of the patient’s abdominal stretch marks, skin laxity and creepiness post-baby. A series of 6-8 of these alternating treatments is recommended for optimal results; and the treatments are done every 4 weeks. Even after 4/6 treatments, the patient showed a significant decrease in the width and rough texture of the stretch marks; and she felt much more comfortable in a swimsuit.


Freeze away stubborn fat, like embarrassing stomach pouches and love handles, with no downtime.*
You deserve to feel good in your clothes!


33-year-old woman before CoolScultping on the “love handle” area.


33-year-old woman after 2 treatments of CoolScultping. Notice the slimmed-down sides and more accentuated hourglass figure.

Recommended Product

C E Ferulic