Vitamin IV Therapy

Vitamin cocktails to look and feel your best!

Choose Your Goals

A quick fix for dehydration and fatigue. Detox from a long weekend, hydrate after a tough workout, and get over a pesky illness with these electrolytes for a quick recovery. Contains essential vitamins Ascorbic Acid, B complex and B12.

Look and feel your best with healthy skin and hair prior to your event or night out. Loaded with a custom blend of vitamins and electrolytes to have your skin looking bright. Contains essential vitamins Selenium and Glutathione.

Reduce stress, support your immune system, and improve your mood with this unique blend designed to target the essential vitamins lost during stress or anxiety. It contains glutamine and pyridoxine to improve mood and replenish proteins levels.

Restore your body’s healthy level of nutrients with a custom blend of essential vitamins. This is designed to replenish hydration levels lost after exercising, not drinking enough water, or drinking lots of caffeine. It also contains B complex that help manage nausea.

Improve your metabolism, boost immune system, and help maintain proper muscle and nerve function with this vitamin cocktail. This blend will help absorb all the important nutrients that you may not have gained from eating. It contains Carnitine to help turn fat into energy as well as proline to boost collagen levels.

Custom IV Therapy
We also make custom IV Therapy cocktails upon request. Ask one of our Specialists.

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